Alyssa Milano Faces Backlash Over Son’s Baseball Team Fundraiser (men point)

Alyssa Milano faces backlash as she seeks support for son’s baseball trip. Online trolls target her 12-year-old amid fundraising efforts.

  • Alyssa Milano faced criticism for posting a fundraiser on X for her son’s baseball team’s trip to New York.
  • Milano explained in an Instagram post that she, like many parents, uses GoFundMe for sports team fundraising.
  • The actress expressed her inability to cover all expenses and mentioned trolls would find something else to criticize.
  • Milano defended her 12-year-old son, Milo, who responded to negative comments on his Instagram, emphasizing his love for his mom.
  • Screenshots of Milo’s comments were shared in Milano’s Instagram post, highlighting the inappropriate nature of the messages.
  • Milano urged critics not to target the kids and emphasized letting them enjoy playing baseball.
  • She provided a link to the GoFundMe page created by her and her husband, David Bugliari, for the team’s Cooperstown trip.
  • The post quickly made Milano a trending topic on X, with some users questioning her need for donations.
  • Supporters defended Milano’s fundraising efforts, expressing gratitude and donating to her son’s cause.
  • Alyssa Milano addressed the criticism by stating she cannot afford to cover all expenses and asked for understanding.
  • Milo, in his comments, reiterated his love for his mother and asked users to leave his Instagram page, as he is only 12.
  • Milano acknowledged the support from those who donated, countering negative comments with gratitude.
  • The actress recognized the challenges of funding a sports team trip and encouraged donations for the team’s families.
  • Some users questioned Milano’s need for donations, given her celebrity status, while others praised her for her contributions.

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