Billy Ray Cyrus Claims Estranged Wife Firerose Tried to Isolate Him from Family

Cyrus claims estranged wife Firerose isolated him from his family, amid divorce battle

Billy Ray Cyrus and his estranged wife Firerose. (PHOTO: FIREROSE/ INSTAGRAM)
Billy Ray Cyrus and his estranged wife Firerose. (PHOTO: FIREROSE/ INSTAGRAM)

Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus has accused his estranged wife, Firerose, of trying to isolate him from his family by blocking communication with at least one of his daughters.

The allegations came to light in an amended divorce complaint filed in Williamson County, Tennessee, on June 17.

This filing supplements an initial annulment and divorce complaint Cyrus submitted nearly a month earlier on May 23.

The complaint, obtained by PEOPLE, states that the 62-year-old musician discovered Firerose, 36, had allegedly been working to cut him off from his family since the divorce proceedings began.

Cyrus claims that Firerose blocked one of his daughters from contacting him through his phone or other electronic devices. However, the document does not specify which of his daughters was affected.

Cyrus shares two daughters, Miley Cyrus, 31, and Noah Cyrus, 24, with his ex-wife, Tish Cyrus. He also adopted Brandi, 37, Tish’s daughter from a previous relationship. The alleged actions of Firerose have added fuel to an already contentious divorce battle.

In addition to the claims of isolation, Cyrus accuses Firerose of lying about her past marriages and her last name. He also asserts that Firerose is attempting to use the Cyrus surname to further her own career.

Another significant accusation is that Firerose made 37 unauthorized charges on his business credit card, totaling nearly $97,000, after he filed for divorce.

Firerose’s attorneys have denied these claims, arguing that the charges were not unauthorized. They state that the parties are supposed to maintain their standard of living during the divorce proceedings.

“To claim Wife has made 37 unauthorized charges is untrue,” Firerose’s attorneys wrote in their response. “Throughout the divorce proceedings, the parties are to live as per the status quo during the marriage.

Wife was simply living as she has since October 10, 2023, and Husband has no right to cut her off.”

Billy Ray, Miley and Noah Cyrus. (PHOTO: VIA PEOPLE, KEVIN MAZUR/GETTY)
Billy Ray, Miley and Noah Cyrus. (PHOTO: VIA PEOPLE, KEVIN MAZUR/GETTY)

Firerose has countered with her own set of allegations against Cyrus. In her counter-filing, she claims she was subjected to “extreme verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse” by the country star.

Furthermore, Firerose alleges that Cyrus filed for divorce just one day before she was scheduled to undergo planned surgery for breast cancer.

The couple’s divorce proceedings have been fraught with accusations and counter-accusations, painting a turbulent picture of their short-lived marriage. Cyrus and Firerose were married for nearly seven months before Cyrus filed for divorce.

Cyrus’ latest filing has brought the issue of familial isolation to the forefront, highlighting the complexities and emotional toll of their divorce. The specific nature of the allegations suggests deep-seated conflicts and mistrust between the two parties.

The claims of isolation, in particular, point to a serious breakdown in communication and trust. Blocking a family member’s access to a loved one can have significant emotional repercussions, exacerbating the already strained relations during a divorce.

For Cyrus, whose family life has been a public affair due to the fame of his daughters Miley and Noah, these allegations carry additional weight and public interest.

The accusation that Firerose lied about her past marriages and her last name adds another layer to the conflict. If true, these claims suggest a pattern of deceit that could further complicate the divorce proceedings.

Firerose’s alleged attempt to use the Cyrus name for career advancement underscores the personal and professional stakes involved in the dispute.

The financial accusations regarding the unauthorized charges on Cyrus’ business credit card reflect another contentious aspect of their separation.

Financial disagreements are common in divorce cases, but the substantial amount in question—nearly $97,000—highlights the potential for significant financial entanglements and disputes.

Firerose’s allegations of abuse bring a serious dimension to the proceedings. Claims of verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse are grave and warrant careful consideration by the court.

Such allegations can significantly impact the dynamics of the divorce and any potential settlements.

The timing of Cyrus’ divorce filing, coming just before Firerose’s scheduled surgery, adds a layer of complexity and raises questions about the motivations and timing behind the move.

This aspect of the case could influence public perception and potentially the court’s view on the matter.

As the divorce proceedings continue, both Cyrus and Firerose will have to navigate a landscape filled with legal, financial, and personal challenges.

The outcome of this high-profile divorce case will likely depend on the court’s assessment of the numerous allegations and counter-allegations, as well as the evidence presented by both parties.

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