Billy Ray Cyrus Relieved as Marriage to Firerose Ends, Source Reveals

Cyrus relieved post-divorce, citing deception; Firerose counters with abuse claims

Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus. (PHOTO: BILLY RAY CYRUS/INSTAGRAM)
Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus. (PHOTO: BILLY RAY CYRUS/INSTAGRAM)

Billy Ray Cyrus is feeling a sense of relief following the end of his short-lived marriage to Firerose.

According to a source close to the country star, Cyrus, 62, is increasingly content with his decision to end the relationship, having filed for divorce on May 23 after just seven months of marriage.

The source shared that Cyrus is convinced that Firerose, 36, married him for financial and other non-romantic reasons, leaving him feeling deceived.

“He believes she only married him for financial and other reasons. He’s convinced that she didn’t marry him for love,” the source told PEOPLE. This conviction, the source added, makes Cyrus more certain every day that his instincts were correct.

Cyrus cited irreconcilable differences and inappropriate marital conduct as reasons for the divorce in his May filing.

Firerose countered these claims in a response filed on June 14, accusing Cyrus of extreme verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse. She also alleged that Cyrus’s persistent drug use, particularly marijuana, made him unpredictable and volatile towards her.

“Wife was subjected to Husband’s persistent drug use accompanied with the consumption of marijuana which made Husband unpredictable and volatile towards Wife,” her attorneys wrote in the complaint obtained by PEOPLE.

Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose. (PHOTO: BILLY RAY CYRUS/INSTAGRAM)
Billy Ray Cyrus and Firerose. (PHOTO: BILLY RAY CYRUS/INSTAGRAM)

In response, Cyrus filed a supplemental complaint on June 17, accusing Firerose of conducting a “campaign to isolate” him from his family.

The complaint alleged that Firerose blocked at least one of Cyrus’s daughters from contacting him through his electronic devices. Cyrus also claimed Firerose made 37 unauthorized charges totaling $96,986 on his credit cards.

Adding another layer to the contentious split, Cyrus’s lawyers presented a handwritten note from Firerose, professing her love for him and pleading for reconciliation.

The note read: “I miss you more than I can possibly explain in words Baby. Please let’s work this out and not become anything but closer out of this hellish experience. I need you. I love you. I am so sorry.” According to Cyrus’s lawyers, he found the note after Firerose was required by court order to vacate his residence.

Cyrus’s lawyers also claimed Firerose sent him a similar text message shortly after she was required to leave his home. They argue that these messages contradict Firerose’s allegations of abuse.

“If Mr. Cyrus was truly guilty of the allegations that [Firerose] alleges in her pleadings, then it is mindboggling to try and explain why she would want to return to live with him.

Furthermore, she was pleading with him to give her a chance to explain everything to him,” the lawyers stated.

The source emphasized that Cyrus feels the back-and-forth nature of Firerose’s actions reveals her true intentions. “He feels beyond deceived and is ready to move on alone,” the source said.

Billy Ray Cyrus and his estranged wife Firerose. (PHOTO: FIREROSE/ INSTAGRAM)
Billy Ray Cyrus and his estranged wife Firerose. (PHOTO: FIREROSE/ INSTAGRAM)

Firerose’s representatives did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment regarding the note, text message, or Cyrus’s updated allegations.

The tumultuous nature of their relationship has been a significant emotional ordeal for Cyrus, but the source indicated that he is focused on moving forward. As he processes the events of the past months, Cyrus appears to be gaining clarity and resolution.

This chapter in Cyrus’s life has highlighted the complexities and challenges of high-profile relationships, especially when accusations and financial disputes come into play.

The country star’s experience underscores the difficulties of navigating personal relationships in the public eye, where every detail is scrutinized and often sensationalized.

Cyrus’s supporters hope he finds peace and closure as he steps into this new phase of his life. The source concluded that Cyrus is determined to prioritize his well-being and is hopeful for a more stable future without the emotional turbulence he experienced in his marriage to Firerose.

As the legal proceedings continue, it remains to be seen how the courts will address the numerous allegations from both parties. For now, Cyrus appears resolute in his decision, feeling more relieved each day to have ended his marriage with Firerose.

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