Lindsay Hubbard’s Accusation of Cocaine Use Sparks Controversy on Bravo’s ‘Summer House’

Bravo’s ‘Summer House’ ignites controversy as Lindsay accuses sober ex Carl of cocaine use, sparking intense debate among cast and viewers.

Bravo's 'Summer House' ignites controversy as Lindsay accuses sober ex Carl of cocaine use, sparking intense debate among cast and viewers.
Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke. [PHOTO: Via People, NOAM GALAI/BRAVO VIA GETTY (2)]

In a recent episode of Bravo’s hit reality show “Summer House,” Lindsay Hubbard found herself at the center of controversy after accusing her sober ex-fiancé, Carl Radke, of using cocaine. The incident, which unfolded during a night of partying, has sparked heated debate among cast members and viewers alike.

Hubbard, 37, took to her Instagram Story to clarify her intentions, expressing regret over her choice of words and explaining that she was emotional and hurt during the confrontation with Radke.

She emphasized that her remarks were meant to be a private conversation and that she has always been a supporter of Radke’s sobriety.

During the episode, Hubbard voiced her concerns to Radke, 39, after feeling dismissed by him following a day of drinking.

She confided in fellow cast member Gabby Prescod, likening Radke’s behavior to that of someone under the influence of cocaine. This led to Prescod leaving the club with Hubbard, further escalating the situation.

Back at the house, tensions ran high as Hubbard continued to refer to Radke as “Cocaine Carl.”

Radke denied the accusations, asserting his sobriety and expressing deep hurt over Hubbard’s insinuations. The confrontation ultimately led to Radke calling off the wedding, citing issues beyond just drinking.

The fallout from Hubbard’s accusation extended beyond the show, as cast members and viewers weighed in on the controversy. Amanda Batula and her husband, Kyle Cooke, expressed their disappointment with Hubbard’s actions, with Cooke bluntly stating that Hubbard “should stop being a f—ing dickhead” to Radke. Batula emphasized the gravity of accusing a sober person of substance use, especially someone with whom Hubbard was planning to marry.

On “Watch What Happens Live,” Bravo host Andy Cohen discussed the episode with cast member Danielle Olivera and actress Annaleigh Ashford.

Olivera shared her perspective, noting that Radke seemed normal and was simply enjoying himself that night, while Ashford criticized Hubbard’s behavior as wildly inappropriate, particularly considering her own sobriety.

The incident has sparked a broader conversation about substance use, sobriety, and relationships within the context of reality television. As Radke emphasized, the issue goes beyond mere accusations and highlights the importance of understanding and respecting each other’s relationship with alcohol and substances.

“Summer House” continues to captivate audiences with its blend of drama, relationships, and unfiltered reality. However, Hubbard’s accusation serves as a stark reminder of the complexities and consequences of actions taken in the heat of the moment, especially when emotions run high.

As the season unfolds, viewers will undoubtedly be watching closely to see how the fallout from Hubbard’s accusation continues to reverberate throughout the Summer House and its tight-knit group of friends. Will Hubbard and Radke be able to reconcile, or will their relationship be irreparably damaged by this explosive incident? Only time will tell as the drama unfolds on Bravo’s “Summer House.”

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