Carla Hall Embraces Aging With Humor, Rejecting Botox for an Easy-peasy Lifestyle

“Carla Hall, approaching 60, humorously embraces aging sans Botox, prioritizing skincare and facials for a radiant lifestyle.”

  • Carla Hall, former cohost of “The Chew,” is approaching her 60th birthday with a positive attitude towards aging.
  • She won’t opt for Botox injections, expressing a preference for an “easy-peasy” lifestyle.
  • Hall doesn’t judge those who use Botox but acknowledges she’s not good with maintenance and considers future affordability.
  • Despite potential consequences, she humorously mentions her face dropping quicker than her breasts but remains firm in her decision not to pursue Botox.
  • Embracing her age, Hall values understanding and meeting the needs of her skin at this stage of life.
  • She is comfortable with wrinkles, crow’s feet, and laugh lines, viewing them as natural signs of aging and a reflection of a joyous life.
  • Hall’s laugh lines and deepening dimples signify her happiness and acceptance of the aging process.

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  • Skincare is a priority for Hall, and she follows a routine using products from Caire Beauty, designed to address menopausal skin concerns.
  • Lorrie King, Hall’s friend, created Caire Beauty inspired by her mother’s experience with dry skin during chemotherapy.
  • Facials are a preferred investment for Hall, and she has been getting them since the age of twenty-four.
  • Hall emphasizes the importance of caring for her skin, especially before significant events, by applying masks to prevent makeup from penetrating the skin.
  • Acceptance of her body and features, including knobby knees, big feet, and buggy eyes, is a key aspect of Hall’s self-image.
  • Hall mentions having a niece with a dimple, creating a connection and acceptance of certain features within her family.
  • While rejecting certain beauty procedures, Hall focuses on self-care, maintaining her skin health and embracing her unique qualities.
  • Overall, Hall’s approach to aging involves humor, self-acceptance, and a commitment to a skincare routine and facials.

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