Cher’s Conservatorship Request Denied for Son Elijah Allman

Cher’s conservatorship request denied; judge cites son’s financial management and drug-free status.

  • Cher’s request for a temporary conservatorship over son Elijah Blue Allman has been denied.
  • The request was based on Allman’s alleged substance abuse and mental health issues.
  • Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Jessica A Uzcategui denied the petition.
  • Allman proved he managed his finances and remained drug-free, according to the judge.
  • Allman underwent several drug tests before the hearing.
  • Conservatorships are typically granted for individuals unable to make decisions due to mental illnesses.
  • Cher’s concerns about Allman’s mental health were voiced during the hearing.
  • The judge acknowledged Cher’s concerns but found them based on hypotheticals and fears.
  • The judge doesn’t question Cher’s concern for her son.
  • Cher’s lawyers may still pursue a larger, long-term conservatorship at a hearing in March.
  • The denial was not a dismissal of concerns but a decision based on current circumstances.

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