Creed’s Resurgence: From TikTok to the Texas Rangers, Band Finds Redemption and Renewed Fame

Creed’s Scott Stapp shares how their unexpected resurgence, fueled by TikTok and sports partnerships, brings healing and renewed fame.

Creed's Scott Stapp shares how their unexpected resurgence, fueled by TikTok and sports partnerships, brings healing and renewed fame.
Scott Stapp performing. (PHOTO: Via PEOPLE, jeremy kingwill/revelry studios)

Creed, the iconic rock band of the late 1990s and early 2000s, is experiencing an unexpected resurgence that has reignited their “cool factor” and propelled them back into the limelight.

Frontman Scott Stapp, along with bandmates Mark Tremonti, Scott Phillips, and Brian Marshall, is preparing for a long-awaited reunion after 12 years apart, with performances scheduled for the Summer of ‘99 cruise festival and a subsequent extended tour in the fall.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE magazine, Stapp revealed that reuniting with the band felt like slipping on an old baseball glove from childhood – comfortable and right.

Despite enduring years of media ridicule despite their commercial success and selling over 53 million records worldwide, Creed is now enjoying a wave of popularity, thanks in part to their music becoming a favorite on TikTok among Gen Z fans.

Clips from their 2001 Thanksgiving Day Cowboys game halftime show frequently go viral, and contemporary artists like SZA and Zach Bryan have publicly declared their admiration for the band.

For Stapp, this shift in perception has been immensely gratifying, serving as a source of healing for past wounds inflicted by negative media narratives.

He credits the newfound positivity surrounding Creed with repairing some of the pain and frustration they endured.

This positive energy has been instrumental in bringing the band back together and fostering a renewed sense of camaraderie.

The band’s resurgence received an unexpected boost when the World Series-winning Texas Rangers adopted Creed’s music as the unofficial soundtrack of their successful playoff run.

Stapp and his bandmates even attended a game together, using the excitement as an opportunity to bond and connect as they witnessed their songs fueling the team’s victories.

Stapp humorously refers to the experience as avoiding the “Creed Curse,” illustrating how their music became a unifying force for both the band and the baseball team.

Reflecting on the scale of their resurgence, Stapp admits to being surprised but deeply appreciative of the support.

He shares anecdotes of his daughter’s disbelief upon learning that contemporary artists like SZA are fans of Creed, highlighting the band’s intergenerational appeal.

As they prepare to take the stage once again, Stapp anticipates that the full impact of their resurgence will truly hit him in that moment, as they bask in the adoration of fans old and new.

Creed’s journey from being the butt of jokes to reclaiming their status as rock icons is a testament to the enduring power of music and the ability to overcome adversity.

Their story serves as an inspiration to artists and fans alike, showcasing the transformative potential of redemption and the healing power of positive energy.

As they gear up for their highly anticipated reunion performances, Creed stands poised to reclaim their place in music history, armed with a newfound sense of validation and appreciation from fans around the world.

Whether through TikTok trends, unexpected sports partnerships, or endorsements from contemporary artists, Creed’s resurgence proves that great music transcends time and continues to resonate across generations.

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