Halle Bailey: New Mom Shares Joy of Parenthood with Baby Halo

Halle Bailey embraces motherhood, joyfully sharing her experience with rapper boyfriend DDG and their newborn son, Halo.

  • Halle Bailey attended the Recording Academy Honors presented by the Black Music Collective in Los Angeles.
  • She shared her happiness about being a parent to her son, Halo, with rapper boyfriend DDG.
  • DDG also expressed his amazement at parenthood during the event.
  • Bailey revealed that her boyfriend came up with the name “Halo” for their son.
  • She mentioned her love for the name and the connection to Beyoncé’s song “Halo.”
  • Bailey finds motherhood exciting and is obsessed with her baby boy.
  • She described Halo as the “sweetest angel in the world.”
  • In January, Bailey announced the birth of her son on Instagram with a touching caption and a photo of his tiny hand.
  • The baby wore a gold bracelet engraved with the name “Halo.”
  • DDG later shared a video on his YouTube page discussing fatherhood, praising Bailey as a great mom.
  • He expressed gratitude for having a child with Bailey and emphasized their learning process.
  • The couple is navigating parenthood together and cherishing the experience.

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