Jenna Dewan Welcomes Third Child with Fiancé Steve Kazee: ‘Our Hearts Are Overflowing with Love’

Dewan and Steve Kazee hold their newborn, Rhiannon, in a hospital, filled with joy

Jenna Dewan Welcomes Baby No. 3. (PHOTO: JENNA DEWAN/INSTAGRAM)
Jenna Dewan Welcomes Baby No. 3. (PHOTO: JENNA DEWAN/INSTAGRAM)

Jenna Dewan has expanded her family once again!

The 43-year-old actress, best known for her role on The Rookie, welcomed her third child, a baby girl named Rhiannon Lee Kathryn Kazee, on Friday, June 14, 2024.

This marks Dewan’s second child with her fiancé, 48-year-old Steve Kazee.

The couple shared the joyous news on Instagram, posting heartwarming photos of themselves holding their newborn daughter for the first time in the hospital.

In her heartfelt announcement, Dewan wrote, “Rhiannon Lee Kathryn Kazee June 14, 2024.” The caption continued, “From the moment you arrived, you have brought immense joy and love into our lives… your gentle grace, sweetness, and beauty have captivated our entire family. Our hearts are overflowing with love, and we are truly blessed by your presence. Welcome to our world baby girl.”

Dewan and Kazee are already parents to their 4-year-old son, Callum. Dewan also has an 11-year-old daughter, Everly, from her previous marriage to actor Channing Tatum.

The couple’s growing family has been a source of great joy and excitement, especially for Dewan, who recently reflected on her experiences as a mother.

In May, Dewan shared an update on her pregnancy with her followers, revealing that her due date was fast approaching.

She posted a stunning photo of herself, posing nude in front of a floor-to-ceiling window, with the caption, “One more month.” The image captured the serene and anticipatory mood as Dewan looked out at the view, contemplating the upcoming arrival of her third child.

In an April interview with PEOPLE, Dewan opened up about how her third pregnancy differed from her previous two. She candidly admitted that balancing pregnancy with caring for two other children had been more challenging.

“Third pregnancy while chasing two other kids around definitely makes you a little more tired,” she explained. “I find crawling into bed at 9 p.m. is definitely different this pregnancy.

But overall, everything’s been going well. And it’s been wonderful. But I’m without a doubt a little bit more tired.”

Despite the added fatigue, Dewan expressed her excitement about expanding her family. Having grown up as an only child, she cherishes the opportunity to create a bustling household. “When I was a kid, I always had this vision — it was so specific.

It was the Christmas tree around Christmas, and just kids and family and just chaos. Happy chaos all around,” she recalled. “And I realized the other day, I was like, oh, in my own way, I am creating [that]. So that’s exciting for me.”

Dewan and Kazee have shared several intimate moments from this pregnancy with their fans. In January, Dewan announced she was expecting her third child through a charming Instagram video.

In the video, Kazee played guitar and serenaded Dewan, who was lounging in a bubble bath, showcasing her baby bump. “Think if I make @stevekazee serenade me every night the baby will get his voice??” she playfully wrote in the caption.

As the couple settles into life with their new addition, they continue to share their journey with their followers.

The announcement of Rhiannon’s birth was met with an outpouring of love and congratulations from fans and friends alike.

The photos of the new parents holding their baby girl for the first time captured a moment of pure joy and love, embodying the happiness that Dewan had long envisioned for her family.

With the arrival of Rhiannon, Dewan and Kazee are embracing the “happy chaos” of their expanding household.

The couple’s shared love for their children and each other is evident in every update they post.

As Dewan navigates the challenges and joys of motherhood once more, she remains grateful for the support and love that surrounds her.

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