Jennifer Hudson Reveals Surprising Family Discovery: Her Father Had 27 Children

Hudson reveals her father had 27 children and her dream of reuniting all her siblings


Jennifer Hudson has recently opened up about a surprising revelation regarding her family.

During the finale episode of “Your Mama’s Kitchen: Conversations from the Heart of the Home” podcast, the singer shared a personal story that stunned both the host and listeners.

The 42-year-old EGOT winner was asked about her siblings by host Michelle Norris, leading to a revelation that caught many off guard.

“Your father had a big personality,” Norris remarked. “And you went with your siblings and found him at some point and discovered you had a lot more siblings?”

Hudson confirmed this, sharing that her father had a total of 27 children. “Yes, a lot of us. Apparently, he had 27 children,” she revealed. Norris, clearly taken aback, noted, “that’s a lot of children.”

Hudson explained that while she never met all of them, she grew up knowing about their existence.

At the age of 16, Hudson learned about her extensive family and dreamed of bringing everyone together. “It was my dream to have all of us at this grand Thanksgiving or Christmas table, and we all sit and eat together — that was my goal at 16,” she said.


Over the years, Hudson managed to meet some of her siblings. She connected with six or seven of them, alongside the siblings she was raised with, Jason and Julia. “We found quite a few of us,” she said, adding, “And I’m the youngest of all of them.”

Hudson detailed how it was her father’s side of the family that helped unite the siblings she eventually met. “When my grandma on his side passed, my siblings over there were like, ‘Y’all got a sister that can really sing, you should meet her,’” she shared. “And eventually we all came together.”

Beyond her own experience of discovering and meeting her siblings, Hudson is also a devoted mother.

She shares a 14-year-old son, David Daniel Otunga Jr., with her ex, David Otunga. Last year, Hudson brought her son to the White House for Juneteenth, underscoring the importance of raising him with strong cultural and familial ties.

In an interview for Real Simple, Hudson emphasized the significance of family and community in her son’s upbringing. “I want my son to be a part of those things—and his cousins and friends,” she said.

“Little David has a really big heart, and he always wants to include them. So I said, ‘I’ll sing, but I have to bring my boys.’”

Reflecting on the Juneteenth celebration, Hudson expressed her pride in being able to involve her son in such a historic moment.

“And I told the guys, ‘When you all get old and you have children, you’re going to say, ‘I was there for the first Juneteenth.’ And to be able to sing for it—that’s something I will never forget,” she said.

David Daniel Otunga Jr. and Jennifer Hudson. (PHOTO: VIA PEOPLE, KEVORK DJANSEZIAN/GETTY)
David Daniel Otunga Jr. and Jennifer Hudson. (PHOTO: VIA PEOPLE, KEVORK DJANSEZIAN/GETTY)

During the podcast, Hudson spoke about her efforts to ensure her son grows up surrounded by family.

“I love to try to make sure he has the closest thing to him… just making sure he has his cousins circle and that base and foundation,” she explained.

“That’s part of why I moved back to Chicago, because I wanted him to have the surroundings of his family around him growing up.”

Although they now live in Los Angeles, Hudson makes it a priority to maintain family traditions. “Now we’re here in L.A. and so we make a point to like, have our Sunday dinners.

That’s one thing that’s very important,” she said. “And then he has cousins that come in and out. One of them is here right now. And so to keep that family burning… So he has that same upbringing or going to see the loved ones I talked to.”

Hudson also highlighted the close-knit nature of her extended family. “We have a huge family. People like the fact that y’all are this close and your family is this big. Like, all of us are still very connected,” she added.

Jennifer Hudson’s story is a testament to the power of family connections and the importance of keeping those bonds alive, no matter how large or dispersed the family may be.

Her journey of discovering her siblings and fostering close family ties for her son is both inspiring and heartwarming.

“Your Mama’s Kitchen: Conversations from the Heart of the Home” podcast, featuring Jennifer Hudson’s full interview, is available to stream now on Audible.

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