Kelly Clarkson Files New Cross-Complaint Against Ex-Husband Brandon Blackstock

Kelly Clarkson sues ex-husband for labor violations and seeks to void agreements, amid ongoing legal battle.

Kelly Clarkson sues ex-husband for labor violations and seeks to void agreements, amid ongoing legal battle.
Kelly Clarkson (Photo: Via Fox News, Getty Images)

Kelly Clarkson, the Grammy Award-winning singer, has recently filed a new cross-complaint against her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, seeking to affirm and potentially expand the $2.6 million award she received last year from the California Labor Commission.

The award was granted under a November ruling that found Blackstock charged her for business deals he wasn’t licensed to pursue.

The new filing comes after Blackstock appealed the November ruling, stating that he and his family-run management firm, Starstruck Entertainment, were entitled to a separate trial on the dispute in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Clarkson filed her cross-complaint in response to a lawsuit brought by Starstruck in September 2020, shortly after Clarkson filed for divorce from Blackstock in June of that year.

Starstruck alleged breach of an “oral” management contract and nonpayment of over $1.4 million in commissions. They claimed to have played a pivotal role in developing Clarkson’s career and demanded millions in unpaid commissions.

In response, Clarkson took the matter to the California Labor Commission in November 2020, resulting in the decision that found Blackstock operating as an unlicensed talent agent in California. The commission awarded Clarkson $2,641,374 for unlawfully collected commissions related to several deals, including her role as a judge on NBC’s The Voice.

In her new cross-complaint, Clarkson alleges labor code violations and asserts that Blackstock and Starstruck unlawfully acted as a talent agency in California since the beginning of their working relationship in 2007.

She seeks a declaration that all agreements between the parties are void and unenforceable, and requests a complete accounting from Starstruck to determine if she is owed more than the $2.6 million outlined in the labor commission award.

In response to the cross-complaint, Blackstock’s lawyer, Bryan Freedman, condemned the action, arguing that it is unfair to attempt to reclaim funds from an ex-husband who had managed Clarkson’s career and supported their family during their marriage.

Clarkson’s lawyer has yet to comment on the matter. However, it is worth noting that Clarkson’s latest album, Chemistry, features songs that allude to her breakup with Blackstock.

The bitter nature of Clarkson and Blackstock’s breakup was highlighted during an evidentiary hearing held by the labor commission last year.

Clarkson testified that Blackstock had advised her that NBC wasn’t interested in her for The Voice because they were seeking “a more sex symbol type.”

This statement underscores the contentious dynamics of their relationship and the complexities surrounding their professional collaborations.

As the legal battle between Clarkson and Blackstock continues to unfold, fans and industry observers are left wondering about the implications for both parties and the broader entertainment landscape.

The outcome of this dispute could have significant ramifications for talent management practices and contractual agreements within the music industry.

Kelly Clarkson’s new cross-complaint against her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock marks the latest development in their ongoing legal saga.

As both parties vie for resolution and vindication, the case sheds light on the complexities of talent management contracts and the personal toll of high-profile divorces in the entertainment industry.

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