Kourtney Kardashian Barker Opens Up About Life-Saving Fetal Surgery for Baby Rocky

Kourtney Kardashian Barker, a prominent member of the Kardashian family, has shared details about a harrowing medical experience during her pregnancy with her fourth child,


Rocky Thirteen. The 45-year-old reality star recounted the events during the season 5 premiere of “The Kardashians,” offering a rare glimpse into a deeply personal and traumatic moment.

The ordeal began last summer, just as her husband, Travis Barker, was preparing to leave for his Blink-182 tour. Kardashian Barker had scheduled a routine scan at home, conducted by a high-risk specialist known for thorough examinations.

During this scan, the doctor noticed something concerning that warranted further investigation by multiple specialists.

Kardashian Barker had to undergo emergency fetal surgery—a rare and complex procedure performed on the baby in utero. Reflecting on that night before the surgery, she described the immense stress and fear she felt, especially with Barker initially out of the country.

He promptly flew back to be by her side, an act she deemed miraculous and life-saving.

“The timing of it was miraculous. That like saved everything,” Kardashian Barker said, expressing profound gratitude for the medical professionals who made critical decisions that ultimately saved their baby.

She acknowledged the trauma of the experience, noting that her doctor emphasized the gravity of what they had endured.

In a confessional segment, Kardashian Barker revealed that she has a unique ability to remain calm during emergencies, a “superpower” that helped her navigate the surgery.

She explained, “There’s some superpower that I have that in emergency situations, I get really calm. And then right when we left I was like, ‘Okay, I could take a deep breath. I could cry. I could get it out.'”

Sharing her story publicly, Kardashian Barker hoped to provide support and awareness for others facing similar situations. She discussed her decision to post about the surgery on social media, a move that elicited gratitude from her followers.

Many appreciated her openness, as it helped normalize conversations about such rare and stressful medical experiences.

“They were so grateful that I posted something about it because they said so many people don’t feel comfortable, even telling their friend or their family members because they’re like, ‘Did they do something wrong or different things?’ ” she explained.

Her doctor reassured her that the condition was not caused by anything she did wrong, nor was it related to her age. It was simply an extraordinarily rare occurrence.

Despite the surgery and the subsequent recovery period, Kardashian Barker remained optimistic and thankful. “After this happened, I was like God’s got this. We’re good.

This is a miracle and I’m gonna be super positive,” she shared. This positive outlook was crucial as she adjusted to the new limitations imposed by the surgery.

Post-surgery, Kardashian Barker was placed on bed rest due to a hole in the amniotic sac, a result of the fetal surgery. This meant significant lifestyle changes: no driving, minimal standing, and mostly staying at home.

She described the anxiety that lingered, especially concerning the baby’s movements. “If I don’t feel movement for like, five minutes, I’m like shaking him up because of the emergency fetal surgery that I had to have,” she admitted.

This intense experience underscored the importance of vigilant prenatal care and the advances in fetal surgery that can save lives even before birth.

Kardashian Barker’s willingness to share her story sheds light on these medical challenges and offers reassurance to other parents facing similar circumstances.

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Through her candidness, Kourtney Kardashian Barker has not only shared a personal struggle but also opened up a broader conversation about the realities and fears of complicated pregnancies, showing that even in the face of potential tragedy, there can be hope and resilience.

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