Kylie Jenner Reveals Morning Routine and Family Bonding Moments

Jenner reveals morning ritual of making breakfast for her kids, cherishing family moments

Kylie Jenner with daughter Stormi and son Aire. (PHOTO: KYLIE JENNER/INSTAGRAM)
Kylie Jenner with daughter Stormi and son Aire. (PHOTO: KYLIE JENNER/INSTAGRAM)

Kylie Jenner, the founder of Kylie Cosmetics, recently shared a glimpse into her daily life, revealing her morning routine and how she bonds with her family.

The 26-year-old entrepreneur, who has a daughter, Stormi, 6, and a son, Aire, 2, with rapper Travis Scott, 33, disclosed that her mornings start with a heartwarming ritual.

In a joint Instagram Reel shared by Kylie Jenner and the official Kardashians Hulu account, Jenner answered personal questions while casually strolling around on set.

One of the key highlights was her morning ritual. Jenner proudly shared, “My morning rituals would be making breakfast for my kids.” This simple, yet sweet routine highlights her dedication to starting the day with her children on a positive note.

Jenner’s morning routine reflects her commitment to her role as a mother, ensuring that she provides a nurturing and loving environment for her children from the moment they wake up.

This glimpse into her daily life shows that despite her busy schedule as a business mogul and reality TV star, her children remain her top priority.

During the Instagram Reel, Jenner also opened up about her close relationships with her family members. When asked who she turns to for support, she quickly mentioned her sister, Khloé Kardashian, 39.

“Khloé always cheers me up,” she said with a smile. This reveals the strong bond between the sisters and how Khloé plays a crucial role in Kylie’s life, offering emotional support and positivity whenever needed.

In addition to Khloé, Jenner spoke fondly of her mother, Kris Jenner, 68, whom she considers the funniest person she knows.

“I think my mom is the funniest,” she shared. This statement highlights the playful and humorous relationship she shares with the iconic momager, adding another layer to the family’s dynamic.

The Reel was captioned, “On the way to set with kylie #TheKardashians,” giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at her life while filming the popular Hulu series.

Last month, Jenner celebrated Mother’s Day with her children, sharing the joy of the spring holiday with her followers. She posted a round-up of photos from their time together over the past year, showcasing tender moments and happy memories.

The siblings were seen playing together in matching Posh Peanut pajamas, enjoying scoops of ice cream, and splashing around in the pool. These snapshots captured the essence of their quality time together.

Kylie Jenner attends The 2024 Met Gala Celebrating "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion" at The Metropolitan. (PHOTO: VIA PEOPLE, DIMITRIOS KAMBOURIS/GETTY)
Kylie Jenner attends The 2024 Met Gala Celebrating “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” at The Metropolitan. (PHOTO: VIA PEOPLE, DIMITRIOS KAMBOURIS/GETTY)

One particularly sweet photo featured Jenner and her children posing under a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, surrounded by presents.

This image, among others, resonated with fans, highlighting the importance of family and the love shared between Jenner and her children.

Jenner captioned her Mother’s Day post with a simple, letting the photos convey the emotions and memories. The images showcased her children’s playful and loving nature, as well as Jenner’s dedication to creating a warm and joyful home environment.

Kylie Jenner’s social media presence often provides fans with glimpses into her glamorous life, but these recent shares emphasize her role as a devoted mother and family member.

Her morning rituals, close relationships with her family, and cherished moments with her children paint a picture of a woman who values love, support, and quality time.

As Jenner continues to balance her career and personal life, her fans remain captivated by her ability to maintain a close-knit family bond while managing her business empire.

Her recent revelations offer a more intimate look at the woman behind the brand, showcasing her dedication to her children and her appreciation for her family’s support.

In sharing these moments, Kylie Jenner not only connects with her audience on a deeper level but also inspires other parents to cherish the small, everyday rituals that strengthen family bonds.

Her story is a reminder that even in the midst of busy schedules and demanding careers, the time spent with loved ones is invaluable.

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