Megan Moroney Embraces Single Life and New Musical Milestones with Sophomore Album ‘Am I Okay?’

Megan releases her second album “Am I Okay?” while embracing her single life and career


Nashville’s rising country star Megan Moroney is set to release her highly anticipated second album, Am I Okay?, on July 12.

Known for her emotional songwriting and relatable lyrics, the 26-year-old singer-songwriter opens up about her whirlwind year, balancing her booming career, and embracing single life.

Following the massive success of her debut album Lucky in 2023, which featured the No. 1, double platinum hit “Tennessee Orange,” Moroney’s sophomore effort promises to deliver even more depth and maturity.

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“This version of Megan has way less days off! I thought that last year’s Megan was busy, and now it’s like my whole entire life is planned out until 2026,” Moroney told PEOPLE in an exclusive interview. “I feel like everything has been taken up a notch.”

Currently on tour with country music giant Kenny Chesney on his Sun Goes Down tour, Moroney has adopted the moniker of an “emo cowgirl.”

This persona encapsulates her tendency to wear her heart on her sleeve and share her emotions freely, a theme that runs throughout Am I Okay?.

“I am pretty emotional. But with the amount of sad songs on the album, I think there’s also enough songs that are empowering and confident, and I think that those two different sides of the spectrum are very real,” she explained.

“Some days I wake up and I feel so confident, and then other days I wake up and I try not to text him, you know what I mean?”

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Moroney’s ability to connect with her audience through her authenticity and emotional transparency is a significant factor in her rapid rise. With Am I Okay? coming just a year after Lucky, she acknowledges that fans might compare the two albums.

To set the record straight, she offers a succinct description: “It sounds like Lucky’s cooler older cousin that can drink,” she said with a laugh. “Sonically, it feels more advanced. I wrote it with the intention of playing bigger venues.

I’m touring nonstop, and the songs just feel more grown up. I think the emotions are more intense on this album than Lucky.”

The new album includes the radio hit “Indifferent” and the poignant ballad “28th of June,” which delves into the heartache of moving on from a relationship.

Moroney has a knack for capturing the raw pain and strength that come with vulnerability.

“There’s definitely strength in those vulnerable songs to be able to say, ‘This situation hurt me,’ and I am going to be OK, but it’s also okay to say that I am hurt by the situation,” she reflected.

Despite the intensity of her professional life, Moroney reveals that her love life has taken a backseat. “I really don’t have time for it right now,” she confessed.

“I tried dating for a second and then I quickly realized that now is not the time. I think in the album you get that vibe. The love songs were very short-lived!”

However, fans can expect a surprise with the album’s titular track. “Am I Okay?” defies expectations, as Moroney hints that it’s not the “sad song everyone is expecting.” This twist showcases her ability to keep her audience engaged and guessing.

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Moroney admits that her personal life often intertwines with her work, making it challenging to find balance.

“Unfortunately a lot of my personal life revolves around my work life, so that’s why dating right now is just not something that’s in the front of my mind.

I don’t really worry about it too much,” she shared. “And as far as dating currently, I don’t think I’ve ever been more single!”

In her limited free time, Moroney prioritizes her relationships with friends and family, who provide a sense of normalcy amid her chaotic schedule. “As far as my everyday life, I feel like it’s not that different.

My best friends are still my best friends, and they are not in the music industry, so they make me feel very normal,” she noted. She even maintains a close relationship with her mother, calling her multiple times a day.

As Megan Moroney continues to navigate the demands of her flourishing career, she remains grounded and focused on what matters most to her.

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With Am I Okay? set to release, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in her musical journey, confident that this “emo cowgirl” will continue to share her heart and soul through her songs.

For more insights into Moroney’s life and career, fans can pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, available on newsstands everywhere this Friday.

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