Social Media Influencer Miranda Derrick and Husband James “BDash” Derrick Face Death Threats Following Netflix Documentary

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Miranda Derrick and her husband James “BDash” Derrick are facing severe backlash and threats following the release of the Netflix docuseries, Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult.

The series, which premiered on May 29, suggests the couple’s involvement in an alleged cult, leading to a torrent of negative attention.

Miranda addressed the issue publicly on June 10 through an emotional video posted on Instagram. In the video, she expressed her concerns about their safety and the impact the documentary has had on their lives.

“Hey guys, I know I don’t normally make this kind of content, but I just wanted to be transparent and a little vulnerable with you,” she began, visibly distressed.

“But before this documentary, my husband and I — we felt safe. Now that this documentary is out, we feel like our lives have been put in danger.”

The docuseries features Miranda’s sister, Melanie Wilking, recounting the story of Miranda and James’s relationship.

According to Melanie, James, a well-known Krump dancer who gained fame on NBC’s *World of Dance*, began collaborating with Miranda and her sister in April 2019.

The trio, known for their dancing skills, initially shared a group chat. However, Melanie claims she was eventually excluded from the chat by James, who continued to communicate only with Miranda, leading to their romantic involvement.

Miranda’s connection with James introduced her to Robert Shinn’s 7M organization, the central focus of the Netflix series.

In 2022, the Wilking family publicly accused Shinn of running a cult during an Instagram Live session, a claim that has now been amplified by the docuseries.

In her Instagram video, Miranda detailed the harassment they have been subjected to since the documentary’s release.

Miranda Derrick and James Derrick, 65th GRAMMY Awards on February 05, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (PHOTO: VIA PEOPLE, JON KOPALOFF/WIREIMAGE)
Miranda Derrick and James Derrick, 65th GRAMMY Awards on February 05, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (PHOTO: VIA PEOPLE, JON KOPALOFF/WIREIMAGE)

“We have both been followed in our cars. We have received hate mail, death threats. People have been sending us messages to commit suicide. We’ve been stalked,” she revealed.

Miranda expressed confusion and hurt over her family’s involvement in the documentary.

“I honestly — I don’t understand how my parents and my sister thought that this documentary would help me or would help our relationship in any way. I just don’t understand that,” she stated.

She noted that before the documentary’s release, her family had been making efforts to mend their relationship privately.

“Honestly, I think that my parents, my sister have focused so much on this documentary, that they’ve forgotten about working on any relationship with me and that hurts.

That hurts me to say,” Miranda said, highlighting the emotional toll the situation has taken on her.

Miranda also apologized to her followers for any perceived slowdown in her social media activity, citing the overwhelming stress and disruption caused by the threats and negative attention.

“It’s been hard to focus on creating content with everything that’s been going on,” she admitted.

Melanie Wilking and Miranda Wilking, August 2019. (PHOTO: VIA PEOPLE, GREGG DEGUIRE/FILMMAGIC)
Melanie Wilking and Miranda Wilking, August 2019. (PHOTO: VIA PEOPLE, GREGG DEGUIRE/FILMMAGIC)

Despite the challenges, she thanked her fans for their supportive messages and assured them that she would return to her dancing content soon.

The Netflix series has sparked widespread debate about the alleged cult and the impact of social media influence.

Robert Shinn’s 7M organization, which promotes Christian values and supports dancers and social media influencers, has faced scrutiny and controversy, with critics accusing it of cult-like behavior.

The situation has raised questions about the ethical responsibilities of documentary filmmakers and the potential consequences of their work on the subjects’ lives.

Miranda’s case illustrates the intense personal and emotional fallout that can result from such public exposure.

As Miranda and James navigate this difficult period, the broader conversation continues about the intersection of media, influence, and personal safety.

Their experience underscores the need for thoughtful consideration of the real-life implications of media portrayals and the potential for harm when individuals are thrust into the public eye under controversial circumstances.

For now, Miranda and James are prioritizing their safety and well-being, hoping to find a resolution that allows them to return to their passion for dance and their normal lives.

In the meantime, their story serves as a stark reminder of the powerful and sometimes dangerous impact of media narratives on personal lives.

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