Nina Dobrev Opens Up About Recovery from Serious Biking Accident

Dobrev in knee brace with crutches, recovering from biking accident surgery

Dobrev shared she landed in the hospital following a bike accident. (PHOTO: VIA FOX NEWS, GETTY IMAGES/INSTAGRAM: NINA DOBREV)
Dobrev shared she landed in the hospital following a bike accident. (PHOTO: VIA FOX NEWS, GETTY IMAGES/INSTAGRAM: NINA DOBREV)

Nina Dobrev is providing insight into the biking accident that led to her recent surgery and prolonged recovery period.

During an appearance on “The Talk” on Wednesday, June 12, the 35-year-old actress shared that it was her first time leaving the house in over two months following a serious knee injury.

“I had knee surgery; I got a giant brace. I can’t really walk on my own yet…I had a fractured knee as well as ACL repair and meniscus,” Dobrev said.

The “Vampire Diaries” star explained that the injury occurred while she was dirt biking for the first time, an experience she does not plan to repeat.

Dobrev described the accident in detail, stating, “I don’t recommend it, guys. It’s okay, I learned a lesson, don’t ever get on a dirt bike.

I was in a wheely, lost control, whisky throttled, bike flew.” She added, “Luckily, it didn’t fall on me, which is what the doctor said would have been a lot worse. But when I landed, I landed on one leg, straight, and my knee just like snapped.”

Nina Dobrev takes a selfie using crutches. (PHOTO: NINA DOBREV/INSTAGRAM)
Nina Dobrev takes a selfie using crutches. (PHOTO: NINA DOBREV/INSTAGRAM)

The accident resulted in significant damage to her knee, necessitating surgery to repair a fractured knee, as well as damage to her ACL and meniscus.

The recovery process has been lengthy and challenging for the actress, who admitted that she has been largely confined to her home.

Despite the difficulties, Dobrev expressed her happiness about being able to get out of the house and have “an excuse to get dolled up” for the talk show appearance.

During her recovery, she has found comfort and companionship in her pets, referring to her time with them as a “cuddle puddle.”

“Cuddle puddle is my life these days, it’s just the puppies, and at home watching movies, physical therapy, eat, sleep, or pee is kind of the schedule,” she said.

Dobrev revealed that she has been using her downtime to watch television, specifically mentioning her current obsession with the show “Fargo.”

Hospitalized Nina Dobrev (PHOTO: Nina Dobrev/INSTAGRAM)
Hospitalized Nina Dobrev (PHOTO: Nina Dobrev/INSTAGRAM)

“Fargo is what I’m watching currently. I called my agents. I love it, so I’m so obsessed with the show, and I was like, ‘You have to get me on this show.’

And they’re like,’ That’s from a decade ago, you’re too late.'” she shared, showcasing her sense of humor even in the midst of recovery.

Additionally, Dobrev commented on a lighthearted Instagram video she posted earlier in June.

The video featured her boyfriend, Shaun White, dancing in a white “The Vampire Diaries” sweater, providing her with some much-needed entertainment while she remains housebound.

“You know, when you can’t leave your bedroom, you either watch TV or you have live entertainment. That’s my live entertainment,” she quipped.

Dobrev first announced her accident and subsequent surgery in an Instagram post on May 20.

The post included a photo of her next to a bicycle, followed by an image of her in a hospital bed, capturing the dramatic shift from the start of her day to its unexpected conclusion. She captioned the post, “how it started vs how it’s going.”

Nina Dobrev on 'The Talk'. (PHOTO: NINA DOBREV/INSTAGRAM)
Nina Dobrev on ‘The Talk’. (PHOTO: NINA DOBREV/INSTAGRAM)

The actress’s recovery journey has been marked by both physical and emotional challenges. Navigating the road to healing has required patience and resilience, traits that Dobrev appears to be embracing fully.

Her openness about the accident and its aftermath has resonated with fans, many of whom have offered words of encouragement and support.

Dobrev’s experience serves as a reminder of the potential dangers associated with certain activities, as well as the importance of taking precautions to ensure safety.

While she may not be dirt biking again anytime soon, her positive outlook and determination to recover fully remain unwavering.

As she continues her journey towards regaining her mobility, Dobrev is looking forward to future projects and opportunities. For now, she is focusing on her physical therapy, spending time with her pets, and enjoying her favorite shows.

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