Anjunadeep’s Open Air Seattle Adds Vibrancy to City’s Summer Music Scene

Anjunadeep’s Open Air Seattle electrifies Gas Works Park with curated EDM lineup, adding vibrancy to city’s summer music scene.

Anjunadeep's Open Air Seattle electrifies Gas Works Park with curated EDM lineup, adding vibrancy to city's summer music scene.
Electronic Dance Music Festival (Photo: Via The Seattle Times, Johnson / The Seattle Times, 2023)

Seattle’s Gas Works Park is set to become even more electrifying this summer with the addition of Anjunadeep’s Open Air Seattle to its lineup of music festivals.

The British record label, known for its progressive deep house music, will grace the city with a curated lineup of label favorites and rising stars on August 24th.

Founded in 2005 by electronic group Above & Beyond, Anjunadeep has gained recognition for its unique sound and commitment to showcasing emerging talent.

The Open Air series, which began in 2017, has become a highlight for electronic music enthusiasts across North America, with stops in major cities like Miami, New York, Montreal, Los Angeles, and now Seattle.

While the lineup for the Seattle show has yet to be unveiled, anticipation is high following the announcement of artists set to perform at the Miami stop, including Anyasa, CRi, Marsh, Nicky Elisabeth, and Simon Doty.

Fans can secure their spots early with presale tickets available for $75 for general admission, with public sale starting on March 15th, offering tickets ranging from $65 to $175.

Gas Works Park, known for its industrial charm and stunning views of Lake Union, has increasingly become a hotspot for music events. Last year, the park welcomed about 10,000 attendees each for Day Trip and Insomniac’s Everything Always event, showcasing the growing demand for electronic music festivals in the city. Beyond Wonderland, another major EDM festival, is also set to return to the nearby Gorge Amphitheatre in June.

Seattle’s summer music scene isn’t limited to EDM, with a diverse lineup of festivals and events catering to all tastes. From the iconic Bumbershoot to the vibrant Capitol Hill Block Party, the city offers something for everyone.

Additionally, events like Day In Day Out, ZooTunes at Woodland Park Zoo, and concerts at venues like Marymoor Park, Remlinger Farms, and Chateau Ste. Michelle add to the rich tapestry of musical experiences available throughout the season.

The Seattle Parks and Recreation department, while not actively recruiting events to its park system, acknowledges the importance of these gatherings in supporting the city’s cultural landscape.

With Gas Works Park hosting concerts only a handful of times, including last year’s successful Everything Always festival, the department recognizes the need to balance the park’s use for both public enjoyment and ticketed events.

Rachel Schulkin, Parks communication manager, highlighted the success of last year’s events in demonstrating the park’s capacity to accommodate large-scale gatherings while minimizing disruptions to the surrounding community.

Measures such as advanced notice to residents and a hotline for noise complaints helped ensure a smooth experience for both attendees and locals.

As demand for park spaces as concert venues continues to grow, the city remains committed to preserving public access while providing unique opportunities for cultural enrichment. While not every park may host events of this scale regularly, Gas Works Park and similar iconic spaces offer a chance for unforgettable experiences that contribute to the city’s vibrant tapestry of arts and culture.

In the words of Schulkin, “These are iconic spaces where people really get to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We’re excited to be able to offer that in the future to the city as well.”

With Anjunadeep’s Open Air Seattle joining the roster of summer events, the stage is set for another unforgettable season of music and community in the Emerald City.

As the beats drop and the crowds gather, Gas Works Park will once again come alive with the sound of music, uniting residents and visitors alike in celebration of creativity and expression.

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