OutDaughtered: Adam Struggles as Danielle’s Autoimmune Disorder Flares Up Amid Search for a Nanny

In the latest episode of “OutDaughtered,”

Adam Busby and Danielle Busby on 'OutDaughtered'. (PHOTO: TLC)
Adam Busby and Danielle Busby on ‘OutDaughtered’. (PHOTO: TLC)

Adam and Danielle Busby face a new challenge as Danielle’s autoimmune disorder flares up during a critical time.

The couple, already juggling the demands of raising six daughters, is struggling to find additional help, and the stress of this search has taken a toll on Danielle’s health.

In an exclusive clip from PEOPLE, viewers see the toll that the stress is taking on Danielle. The 40-year-old mother of quintuplets Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley, and Parker, along with 13-year-old Blayke, finds herself bedridden with pain and inflammation.

“I’m just hurting everywhere. My joints hurt and my muscles and — [it’s] just inflammation,” Danielle confides to Adam, 41, as she rests in bed on a school morning.

Adam, visibly concerned, asks if she needs any medication to alleviate her symptoms, but Danielle replies that she simply needs some downtime to recuperate.

“Going through this journey of Danielle’s autoimmune stuff, it’s hard because, like, just the way that my mind works, I mean — you just want to, when something happens, like, you want to fix it,” Adam shares in a confessional, expressing his frustration at his inability to help his wife feel better.

The timing of Danielle’s flare-up is particularly unfortunate. Adam reveals that they had interviews scheduled for potential nanny candidates, a crucial step in their search for extra help.

However, with Danielle’s condition worsening, Adam decides to cancel the appointments and reschedule them. “Today was one of those days where we have interviews set up for potential candidates for hiring a nanny, but the stress has gotten to Danielle today.

So I’m just going to have to go ahead and cancel those appointments and we’ll just reschedule,” he says.

Adam’s frustration is evident as he bears the weight of caring for their six daughters alone while Danielle is unwell. “For her to have a bad day, like, any given day — I have to be prepared all the time,” Adam explains in a confessional.

Adam Busby on 'OutDaughtered'. (PHOTO: TLC)
Adam Busby on ‘OutDaughtered’. (PHOTO: TLC)

“You just never know when it’s going to hit. It’s frustrating, but I don’t want her to think I’m frustrated at her. I’m frustrated with this situation that no one understands.”

Throughout this season of “OutDaughtered,” the Busbys have faced numerous challenges as they try to balance their personal and professional responsibilities.

With Adam taking on extra work and both parents frequently traveling, the strain on their family has intensified. One particular incident highlighted this tension when Blayke had a panic attack at school ahead of her volleyball tryouts, and both Adam and Danielle were too far away to provide immediate support.

“Seems like we’re always getting pulled in too many directions,” Adam remarked at the time.

The ongoing stress of managing a large family, coupled with the unpredictability of Danielle’s autoimmune disorder, has created a perfect storm of challenges for the Busbys.

Yet, despite the difficulties, the couple remains committed to finding a solution. The search for a nanny continues, even as they navigate the complexities of their busy lives and Danielle’s health issues.

“OutDaughtered” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TLC, offering viewers an intimate look at the Busbys’ lives as they tackle the ups and downs of raising quintuplets and a teenager.

This episode underscores the resilience and determination required to manage such a unique and demanding family dynamic.

As fans of the show know, the Busbys have faced numerous obstacles over the years, but their love and dedication to each other and their children remain unwavering.

This episode of “OutDaughtered” highlights the ongoing struggle of balancing family life with health challenges and the search for additional support.

Danielle’s autoimmune disorder adds a layer of complexity to their already hectic lives, but with Adam’s unwavering support and the couple’s determination, they continue to push forward, navigating each challenge as it comes.

The journey is far from easy, but the Busbys’ resilience and commitment to their family shine through, offering inspiration to viewers facing their own challenges.

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