Outlander Cast Joins Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour for a Night of Fun in Edinburgh

Outlander cast joins Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Edinburgh for a fun night of music and friendship.

Heughan and the 'Outlander' cast attended Swift's Edinburgh concert on June 8. (PHOTO: SAM HEUGHAN/INSTAGRAM)
Sam Heughan and the ‘Outlander’ cast attended Swift’s Edinburgh concert on June 8. (PHOTO: SAM HEUGHAN/INSTAGRAM)

Edinburgh, Scotland – The magic of Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour continued to sweep through Edinburgh, with her second show at Murrayfield Stadium on June 8 bringing together fans from all walks of life, including the beloved cast of the hit TV series Outlander.

The night was a vibrant mix of music, friendship bracelets, and star-studded moments, with Outlander star Sam Heughan leading the charge.

Sam Heughan, 44, known for his role as Jamie Fraser in Outlander, took to Instagram to share his excitement about the evening. “ Wonderful evening back @murrayfield_stadium with the @outlander_starz family!!” Heughan captioned a series of photos and videos.

His post highlighted the camaraderie among the cast and their shared joy at being part of the Eras Tour experience. He also gave a nod of appreciation to the event organizers and the tour’s executive producer Maril Davis, tagging them in his post.

The night was filled with joyous moments as Heughan and his co-stars embraced the full Swiftie experience, complete with friendship bracelets, a staple accessory for fans attending Swift’s concerts.

In one photo, Heughan proudly displayed his wrist adorned with a stack of colorful bracelets, standing beside his co-star John Hunter Bell.

This simple but significant gesture of wearing friendship bracelets has become a symbol of unity and fandom among Swift’s fans, and the Outlander cast was no exception.

The photos and videos shared by Heughan captured the essence of the night. In one group selfie, he stood with fellow cast members Izzy Meikle-Small, Charles Vandervaart, Richard Rankin, Caitlin O’Ryan, Caitriona Balfe, Sophie Skelton, Lauren Lyle, and Joey Phillips, all smiling broadly as they enjoyed the concert.

Another photo showed Heughan beaming as he posed with two others, clearly relishing the live performance atmosphere.

Heughan’s Instagram Stories offered fans a closer look at the night’s events. One clip showed Taylor Swift performing “Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince,” with the camera panning to reveal various Outlander cast members dancing enthusiastically in their section.

The video captured the infectious energy of the concert and the cast’s delight at being part of such a special event.

Sam Heughan posts from Taylor Swift's Eras Tour show in Scotland on June 8. (PHOTO: SAM HEUGHAN/INSTAGRAM)
Sam Heughan posts from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour show in Scotland on June 8. (PHOTO: SAM HEUGHAN/INSTAGRAM)

In a playful twist, Heughan shared a humorous video on his Instagram Stories. The clip featured Swift and her dancers on stage, all dressed in matching hooded capes, with the Outlander theme song playing over the footage.

Heughan cheekily added the caption “Swiftlander,” blending the worlds of Outlander and Swift’s Eras Tour in a fun and creative way.

The excitement for the concert had been building for days. On June 5, Heughan had posted a video on Instagram from the set of Outlander, dressed in costume, where he humorously predicted that Swift would forget her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, upon seeing him in the audience. “We’re going to go see Taylor Swift play in Scotland and I think most of the cast is going.

She obviously doesn’t know this, but when she comes to Scotland and she sees me in the audience, she’s going to forget all about … him [Travis Kelce] and fall for a man in a ginger wig,” Heughan joked. “How can she resist? She’s going to shake him off and take me out instead. I’m really excited!”

The playful banter added an extra layer of fun to the anticipation surrounding the concert, and Heughan’s light-hearted approach was well-received by fans of both Swift and Outlander.

Sam Heughan posts from Taylor Swift's Eras Tour show in Scotland on June 8. (PHOTO: SAM HEUGHAN/INSTAGRAM)
Sam Heughan posts from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour show in Scotland on June 8. (PHOTO: SAM HEUGHAN/INSTAGRAM)

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has been a cultural phenomenon, drawing huge crowds and delivering unforgettable performances.

The presence of the Outlander cast at the Edinburgh show added a touch of celebrity sparkle and underscored the broad appeal of Swift’s music.

For the fans in attendance, seeing their favorite TV stars enjoying the concert alongside them was an unexpected and delightful surprise.

As Swift prepared to wrap up her Edinburgh performances with a final show on June 9 at the Scottish Gas Murrayfield Stadium, the energy and enthusiasm from both fans and stars alike ensured that this leg of the tour would be remembered as one of the most exciting and engaging.

The melding of Swift’s pop prowess with the star power of the Outlander cast created a unique and memorable evening, marking a special chapter in the ongoing success of the Eras Tour.

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