Pearl Jam Cancels Berlin Concerts Due to Illness, Continuing Unfortunate Trend

Pearl Jam cancels Berlin concerts due to illness, following a recent London show cancellation

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam performs onstage at Madison Square Garden on Sept. 11, 2022. (PHOTO: VIA PEOPLE, KEVIN MAZUR/GETTY)
Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam performs onstage at Madison Square Garden on Sept. 11, 2022. (PHOTO: VIA PEOPLE, KEVIN MAZUR/GETTY)

Pearl Jam fans will need to wait a bit longer to see their favorite band in action.

On Sunday, June 30, the iconic rock band announced on social media that they had to cancel two upcoming European tour dates due to an unspecified illness.

This announcement follows the recent cancellation of their June 29 concert at London’s Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for the same reason.

The band’s statement expressed regret and disappointment over the cancellations. “We are sorry to share that the Pearl Jam concerts scheduled for Tuesday, July 2nd and Wednesday, July 3rd in Berlin are cancelled.

Tickets will be refunded at the point of purchase. Thank you for continued understanding and support, it means the world,” the band wrote.

Despite their best efforts, the band members have not fully recovered from the illness. “The impacts of this decision are not lost on us,” they continued.

“We feel deeply that so many people spend their time, money and emotional energy to get tickets and then to come see the band, and it is heart-wrenching to have to disappoint you. We also appreciate the many people whose hard work goes into making these shows happen.”

Pearl Jam emphasized that canceling shows is never a decision they take lightly. “We never take these decisions lightly and try to do everything possible to show up,” they said.


“We wish a reschedule had been possible for this tour leg and hope to come back soon. Tickets will be refunded at the point of purchase. Thank you for your continued understanding and support. It means the world.”

The Berlin concerts were scheduled to take place at the Waldbühne on July 2 and 3. However, with the band still recovering from the illness, they decided it was best to cancel the shows to avoid further complications and ensure a full recovery.

The band’s next scheduled performance is set for Saturday, July 6, in Barcelona. Fans are hopeful that the band members will have recovered sufficiently by then to resume their tour.

The recent cancellations are a disappointing turn of events for both the band and their fans. Pearl Jam has a long history of dedicated followers who travel great distances and invest significant time and money to see them perform live.

The band’s statement acknowledged this commitment and the emotional investment of their fans, making the decision to cancel all the more difficult.

Pearl Jam’s tour had been highly anticipated, especially following the release of their 12th album, “Dark Matter,” in April 2024.

The album, produced by Andrew Watt along with the band’s frontman Eddie Vedder, bassist Jeff Ament, guitarists Stone Gossard and Mike McCready, and drummer Matt Cameron, has been well-received by both fans and critics.

In February, the band announced a massive 2024 world tour across nine continents. The tour kicked off on May 4 in Vancouver, British Columbia, and is scheduled to conclude on November 21 in Sydney.

The tour features a variety of opening acts, including Deep Sea River and Glen Hansard for various North America dates, Murder Capital in the United Kingdom and Europe, Richard Ashcroft in Dublin and London, and the Pixies in Australia and New Zealand.

The cancellations are a significant setback for a tour that had been meticulously planned and eagerly awaited. Fans who had tickets for the Berlin shows will receive refunds at the point of purchase.

Pearl Jam’s social media statements have been met with a mix of disappointment and understanding from fans, many of whom have expressed their well-wishes for the band’s recovery.

The rock community and Pearl Jam’s fan base are now looking ahead to the band’s next performance in Barcelona, hopeful that the band members will be in better health and able to continue their tour.

The cancellations serve as a reminder of the challenges and uncertainties that can arise during extensive tours, especially when health issues come into play.

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