Philadelphia Wedding Band Drops Lawsuit Against Country Star Jelly Roll

Philadelphia, PA – The legal battle between Jellyroll, a well-known Philadelphia wedding band,

Jelly Roll in Burbank in September 2023. (PHOTO: VIA PEOPLE, KEVIN WINTER/GETTY)
Jelly Roll in Burbank in September 2023. (PHOTO: VIA PEOPLE, KEVIN WINTER/GETTY)

And country music artist Jelly Roll has come to an end. On July 9, Kurt Titchenell, frontman of Jellyroll, voluntarily dismissed the lawsuit against the country star, whose real name is Jason DeFord. The lawsuit, filed in April, centered around the use of the name “Jelly Roll.”

Titchenell, who leads Jellyroll, a band acclaimed as “Philly’s favorite wedding band,” confirmed the dismissal in a statement. “The dispute with Jason Bradley DeFord, a.k.a. Jelly Roll, has been resolved, and the legal action has been withdrawn. We look forward to our continued use of the name, Jellyroll Band, in connection with our party band business,” he stated. 

The court documents did not mention any settlement between the two parties, and the dismissal was not signed by Jelly Roll’s attorneys. Attempts to get a comment from Jelly Roll’s representatives were unsuccessful.

The lawsuit, initiated on April 8, alleged that Jelly Roll’s use of the name infringed on Jellyroll’s trademark. According to Titchenell’s filing, the band had used the name “Jellyroll” since around 1980 and secured a trademark in 2010, with a renewal in 2019. The filing emphasized the band’s extensive performance history, including appearances at the White House for President George W. Bush and his family.

Jelly Roll performs in Washington DC in December 2023. (PHOTO: VIA PEOPLE, THEO WARGO/GETTY)
Jelly Roll performs in Washington DC in December 2023. (PHOTO: VIA PEOPLE, THEO WARGO/GETTY)

The complaint pointed out that Jelly Roll, born in 1984, adopted his stage name in 2010, the same year Jellyroll renewed their trademark. Titchenell’s attorneys argued that prior to Jelly Roll’s rise in fame, a search for “Jellyroll” would predominantly return results related to the Philadelphia band. They noted that recent searches showed a significant shift, with Jelly Roll dominating the search results, which Titchenell claimed led to marketplace confusion.

The lawsuit highlighted the impact of Jelly Roll’s popularity on Jellyroll’s business. Titchenell’s attorneys mentioned that Jelly Roll’s upcoming Beautifully Broken Tour included stops in the Northeast, particularly at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, a region where Jellyroll has a significant presence. They argued that the confusion over the name affected the band’s ability to secure bookings and maintain its reputation.

The initial filing included a cease-and-desist sent to Jelly Roll and his team, attempting to open discussions on the issue. According to Titchenell’s lawyers, the discussions did not lead to a resolution, prompting the lawsuit. They cited Jelly Roll’s growing popularity and the resulting confusion as the primary reasons for taking legal action.

Despite the lawsuit, Jelly Roll’s career has continued to thrive. Since the release of his 2021 album “Ballads of the Broken,” he has gained mainstream success with hits like “Need a Favor” and “Save Me.” In 2024, Jelly Roll received several awards, including three CMT Music Awards, two iHeartRadio Music Awards, and his first award at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

For Titchenell and Jellyroll, the decision to drop the lawsuit allows them to focus on their music and business without further legal distractions. The band, known for its performances at weddings, corporate events, and charitable functions, remains a staple in the Philadelphia area and beyond.

The resolution of this dispute marks the end of a challenging chapter for both parties. While the lawsuit brought attention to the issues surrounding trademark usage in the music industry, it also highlighted the complexities of name recognition and branding in an era dominated by online search engines and digital presence.

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