Controversy Surrounds Prince Andrew’s Attendance at King Constantine of Greece’s Memorial Service

Prince Andrew’s presence at a Thanksgiving Service commemorating the late King Constantine of Greece has stirred controversy and divided public opinion. Accompanied by his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, the Duke of York joined a procession of royals at St.

George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, prompting raised eyebrows and criticism on social media.

The Duke of York, who withdrew from his official royal duties in 2019 following a controversial interview regarding his association with Jeffrey Epstein, faced backlash for his appearance.

Despite relinquishing his public role, Prince Andrew has continued to participate in family events, including holiday gatherings and funerals.

The 64-year-old prince, who has denied allegations of wrongdoing and settled a lawsuit with accuser Virginia Giuffre out of court, has remained a subject of scrutiny.

His presence alongside other members of the royal family at King Constantine’s memorial service reignited debate about his place within the monarchy.

Sarah Ferguson, affectionately known as Fergie, also joined the royal contingent at the service, highlighting the ongoing amicable relationship between the ex-spouses.

Despite their divorce in 1996, the couple maintains a close bond and resides together at Royal Lodge in Windsor.

The absence of Prince William, who was slated to deliver a reading at the service but withdrew due to personal reasons, added another layer of intrigue to the event.

While Queen Elizabeth led the British royal family in honoring King Constantine, the gathering underscored the enduring ties between the British and Greek royal households.

King Constantine’s passing in January 2023 marked the end of an era for Greece, and his memorial service drew dignitaries from around the world, including his widow, Queen Anne-Marie, and their son, Crown Prince Pavlos, along with members of the British royal family.

The controversy surrounding Prince Andrew’s attendance reflects ongoing tensions within the monarchy and raises questions about the role of royal family members who have stepped back from official duties but continue to participate in ceremonial events.

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