Sean Lowe’s Son Googles Him: The Former Bachelor Faces New Challenges as a Dad

Sean’s son Googles him, revealing new parenting challenges for the former Bachelor star

Isiah, Sean and Samuel Lowe. (PHOTO: SEAN LOWE/INSTAGRAM)
Isiah, Sean and Samuel Lowe. (PHOTO: SEAN LOWE/INSTAGRAM)

Sean Lowe, known for his stint on “The Bachelor,” is now navigating the unexpected challenges of parenthood.

In a candid interview with his wife, Catherine Giudici Lowe, to promote Samsung‘s sustainable products, the 40-year-old reality TV star revealed a recent incident that left him filled with dread.

Sean and Catherine’s eldest son, Samuel Thomas, who just turned 8 on July 2, recently made a confession that startled his father. “He’s also to the point where he knows how to work Google, which scares me to death,” Sean shared. “He’s like, ‘Daddy, I Googled you at school with my friends.'”

The revelation prompted an immediate and worried reaction from Sean. “What do you mean? Don’t do that. Don’t do that,” he recalls telling his son. The former TV personality is concerned about Samuel discovering aspects of his past, especially his time on “The Bachelor.”

Sean and Catherine, who also have two younger children, Isiah Hendrix, 6, and Mia Mejia, 4, have always been open with their kids about how they met.

Isiah, Sean and Samuel Lowe. (PHOTO: SEAN LOWE/INSTAGRAM)
Isiah, Sean and Samuel Lowe. (PHOTO: SEAN LOWE/INSTAGRAM)

They do this partly because strangers often approach them for photos. However, the couple’s children seem unfazed by their parents’ unique love story.

Catherine notes that their kids are “not impressed” by their unconventional path to each other. This indifference is something both parents are perfectly fine with.

Sean elaborates, “I just want to reinforce the idea of like, ‘Okay, we met in a crazy way, but it’s really about the love your mom and I have for each other, the commitment we’ve made to be the best partner we can be for each other,’ as opposed to, ‘I dated 25 women en route to your mom.'”

Despite the unusual circumstances of their meeting, Sean and Catherine’s relationship has flourished. They celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in early 2024, a testament to their enduring bond.

Reflecting on their decade-long marriage, Sean attributes their success to a shared sense of humor and a focus on having fun together.

“We like to be playful, we like to laugh together, and a date like this one is way more us than just a romantic date. We like to have fun all of the time. We’re just a couple of kids,” Sean said earlier this year.

Catherine Giudici Lowe, Sean Lowe and their kids: Isiah, Mia and Samuel. (PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/SEANLOWEKSU)
Catherine Giudici Lowe, Sean Lowe and their kids: Isiah, Mia and Samuel. (PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/SEANLOWEKSU)

The Lowe family’s journey illustrates the complexities of blending a public past with private family life. Sean’s concern about Samuel’s internet searches highlights the challenges that come with raising children in the digital age, especially for parents who have lived parts of their lives in the public eye.

While the incident with Samuel and Google was unsettling for Sean, it also underscores an essential aspect of parenting: the need to guide and protect children while helping them understand their family’s unique history.

Sean and Catherine are committed to framing their love story in a way that emphasizes their commitment and partnership, rather than the dramatic elements of a reality TV show.

Their approach to parenting appears to be working, as their children remain largely uninterested in their parents’ past fame. This disinterest allows the Lowe family to focus on the present and future, building a life grounded in love, laughter, and mutual respect.

In a world where many children of celebrities grapple with their parents’ public personas, the Lowes’ story offers a refreshing perspective.

By prioritizing their relationship and the values they want to instill in their children, Sean and Catherine are navigating the complexities of their past while creating a stable and loving environment for their family.

News Source: PEOPLE

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