Steve Burton’s Bloody Return Rocks General Hospital Fans

Steve Burton’s return to “General Hospital” as Jason Morgan promises intense drama and shocking twists, leaving fans eagerly awaiting his comeback.

Steve Burton ‘General Hospital’. (Photo: Via People, nick agro via getty)

After months of speculation and anticipation, soap opera veteran Steve Burton is set to make a dramatic comeback to the iconic ABC series “General Hospital.”

In an exclusive first look revealed by PEOPLE, Burton’s return promises to shake up the fictional town of Port Charles like never before.

The 53-year-old actor, known for his portrayal of the beloved character Jason Morgan, was last seen on the show in November 2021 when a harrowing tunnel collapse left viewers wondering about his character’s fate. Now, Burton returns with a vengeance, clad entirely in black and standing ominously behind a dumpster, one hand stained with blood.

The image hints at the intense storyline awaiting fans as Jason Morgan re-enters the fray.

Burton’s character, Jason Morgan, has been a staple on “General Hospital” for decades, captivating audiences with his complex relationships and daring adventures.

From his humble beginnings in 1991 to his exit in 2012 and subsequent return in 2017, Burton has cemented himself as a soap opera legend, earning critical acclaim and multiple Daytime Emmy Awards along the way.

However, Burton’s journey back to “General Hospital” hasn’t been without its challenges. In 2021, the actor parted ways with the show over his refusal to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, a decision that sparked widespread debate among fans. Despite this setback, Burton continued to captivate audiences with his talent, landing roles on other daytime dramas such as “Days of Our Lives.”

Now, as Burton prepares to reprise his role as Jason Morgan, fans can expect nothing short of riveting storytelling and jaw-dropping plot twists. In a recent interview, the actor teased what’s in store for his character’s highly anticipated return, promising that the upcoming storyline will be “sick” and “awesome.”

With the pieces of the puzzle falling into place, viewers can rest assured that Burton’s comeback will be nothing short of epic.

News of Burton’s return to “General Hospital” sent shockwaves through the soap opera community, with fans eagerly counting down the days until his on-screen debut.

The announcement, which coincided with ABC’s primetime special celebrating the show’s 60th anniversary, left viewers buzzing with excitement and anticipation.

As the countdown to Burton’s return begins, speculation runs rampant about the impact his character will have on the residents of Port Charles. Will Jason Morgan’s homecoming bring redemption or retribution? Only time will tell as “General Hospital” gears up for one of its most anticipated storylines in recent memory.

In the meantime, fans are encouraged to mark their calendars for Monday, March 4, when Burton’s long-awaited return will finally unfold on screens across the country.

With Burton back in the fold, “General Hospital” promises to deliver the thrilling drama and emotional rollercoaster rides that have kept audiences hooked for six decades and counting.

So, buckle up, soap opera fans, because Steve Burton’s bloody return is about to take “General Hospital” by storm, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats and craving more. Don’t miss out on the action as one of daytime television’s most iconic characters makes his triumphant comeback to the small screen. The stage is set, the drama awaits – get ready for the ride of a lifetime with Steve Burton and the cast of “General Hospital.”

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