Tracy Bonham Embraces Healing Journey Amid Divorce and Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Bonham embraces healing and growth after divorce and breast cancer diagnosis


Tracy Bonham, known for her hit song “Mother Mother,” is finding solace in her personal journey amid significant life changes.

Despite facing divorce and a breast cancer diagnosis, the 57-year-old musician remains optimistic and focused on healing.

During a recent Zoom interview from her boyfriend’s Brooklyn home, Bonham shared her experiences since her diagnosis of stage 1 lobular breast cancer on January 25, 2024.

Despite the physical absence of symptoms, Bonham felt an intuitive need to seek medical attention.

“Physically, I didn’t feel like anything was wrong,” Bonham recalled. “But spiritually and mentally, there was something urging me to get checked. Something was telling me to look deeper.”

Initially misdiagnosed with invasive carcinoma, further biopsies confirmed her condition as stage 1 lobular breast cancer. Bonham expressed gratitude for the early detection, acknowledging that many women might not realize they have cancer until it has significantly progressed.

“I’m so happy that I caught it early,” she said. “I could have gone on for a very long time without knowing.”

Following her diagnosis, Bonham underwent a lumpectomy and lymph gland removal at NYU Langone. The surgery successfully removed the tumor, and her margins were clear. In the weeks following her procedure, Bonham chose to share her journey with her fans.

“My original thought was to keep this to myself and suffer in silence,” she admitted. “But then I realized I had been hiding most of my life, and I didn’t want to do that anymore.”

Opening up about her condition allowed Bonham to connect with others who had similar experiences. She found a supportive community that resonated with her vulnerability and honesty.

“I felt like I had this tribe and everyone else was supporting or being supported by it. I am really happy I did it,” Bonham said.

This newfound openness extended to her music as well. Earlier this year, she released “Damn the Sky (For Being Too Wide),” a poignant single reflecting on her failed marriage.

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The song, written in the spring of 2019, emerged during a particularly difficult period in her marriage to Jason Fine.

The couple, who share a 13-year-old adopted son, began divorce proceedings in 2021 after 15 years of marriage.

“I tried really hard,” Bonham said. “But I needed to save myself. I didn’t have the support system I was longing for, and I was becoming a shell of myself. I didn’t want my son to experience that.”

Despite the end of her marriage, Bonham has found love again with professional jazz musician Rene Hart. She describes Hart as a supportive partner, something she had long desired.

“He’s such a support, and I’ve never really had that before,” Bonham shared. “It is the relationship that I would see in others and wish for. Now I have it, and I’m so fortunate.”

As Bonham continues her healing journey, she is also undergoing radiation treatments and hormone therapies to prevent cancer recurrence.

She acknowledges the lingering fear of cancer returning and the constant questioning of what might have caused it.

“There is the fear that maybe even this cup of coffee could lead to recurrence,” she said. “I’m trying to really manage the fear.”

To cope, Bonham relies on therapy and reading, finding unexpected enjoyment in focusing on herself and her healing process. She views this period as an opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery.

“Right now, there’s this opportunity to really turn inward and make this into a growth learning opportunity,” she said. “It’s a gift.”

Bonham’s resilience is also evident in her music. On June 21, she will release her new single, “Whether You Fall,” accompanied by a music video featuring choreography by Suzanne Haag and the Eugene Ballet of Oregon.

The video, filmed four weeks after her breast surgery, symbolizes her resolve to overcome life’s challenges.

“Being on stage for this special performance was such a unique experience for me,” Bonham said.

“This performance depicts the resolve I have needed to navigate my own challenges with health, relationships, and setbacks.”

Fans can catch Bonham live at Milwaukee Summerfest on June 27, with additional show dates available online.

As she continues to navigate her personal and professional journey, Bonham remains committed to sharing her story and inspiring others through her music.

In her words, the journey, though fraught with challenges, is ultimately an opportunity to embrace vulnerability and healing. “It’s a gift,” she emphasized, reflecting on her ongoing transformation.

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