Trudie Styler and Sting Cherish Their Tuscany Villa After 30 Years

Trudie Styler and Sting adore their Tuscany villa, a family haven for 30 years


Trudie Styler and Sting’s Italian villa in Tuscany holds a special place in their hearts, offering more than just a vacation spot.

The couple has been frequenting their beloved estate for nearly three decades, where it has become a central gathering place for their growing family.

During an exclusive interview with PEOPLE at the Globo d’Oro Awards in Italy on July 3, Styler shared the deep connection she and Sting have with their Tuscan home.

“For 30 years now, we’ve returned again and again to our place in Tuscany, with all of the family – our little kids are now all grown up and now bringing their own children,” she revealed. “It is the place where we all congregate together and connect.”

Styler, who is also a successful actress and producer, reminisced about the origins of their love affair with Italy. The couple’s journey to finding their perfect home began many years ago.

“Sting and I fell in love with Italy many years ago,” Styler explained. “So much so that after one of our kids was born near Pisa, we spent years looking for a home for us all. Italy has always been incredibly kind to us.”

Trudie Styler and Sting at the Globo d'Oro Award Show in Rome. (PHOTO: VIA PEOPLE, ERNESTO RUSCIO/GETTY)
Trudie Styler and Sting at the Globo d’Oro Award Show in Rome. (PHOTO: VIA PEOPLE, ERNESTO RUSCIO/GETTY)

Italy’s significance to the couple extends beyond their villa. The connection began in the 1980s when Styler made films in Rome at the renowned Cinecittà studios.

During that period, Sting wrote one of his most emotional albums near Pisa following the death of his parents, while Styler gave birth to one of their children. These experiences intertwined their personal and professional lives with the Italian landscape, creating an enduring bond.

Their estate, known as Il Palagio, is a 16th-century villa located just outside Florence. In 2016, Styler and Sting opened their doors to PEOPLE, showcasing the sprawling 900-acre property.

Il Palagio features five lakes, a forest with 8,000 trees, extensive grapevines, and six guest houses, making it a truly remarkable retreat.

Styler and Sting’s family includes Mickey, 40, Jake, 39, Eliot, 33, and Giacomo, 28, from their marriage, along with Joe, 47, and Fuschia, 42, from Sting’s previous marriage to Frances Tomelty.

Trudie Styler and Sting in Tuscany. (PHOTO: TRUDIE STYLER/INSTAGRAM)
Trudie Styler and Sting in Tuscany. (PHOTO: TRUDIE STYLER/INSTAGRAM)

The villa serves as a haven where the entire family can come together, relax, and create lasting memories. “We really just relax there during August, we barely ever leave the estate.

We all eat together, we read, swim, take walks, play games, we watch movies,” Styler shared, painting a picture of their idyllic summer retreats.

Wine plays a significant role in their Tuscan lifestyle as well. Styler mentioned that they love staying updated with the happenings in their vineyards. This connection to the land and its produce enhances their experience, making their time in Tuscany even more meaningful.

The villa also holds sentimental value for the couple’s relationship. Styler and Sting have been married for over 30 years, and they always celebrate their wedding anniversary at their Tuscany home.

The estate has witnessed countless family milestones and celebrations, further embedding it in the couple’s history.

Styler’s recent win at the Globo d’Oro Awards for her documentary, “Posso Entrare? An Ode to Naples,” underscores her ongoing connection to Italy.

The film, which won the best documentary award, highlights her continued creative involvement in the country she and Sting hold dear.

Reflecting on their journey, Styler expressed gratitude for the special place Italy occupies in their hearts.

“Since the 1980s when I made films here in Rome at Cinecittà – then Sting wrote one of his most emotional albums near Pisa the year after his parents died, and at the same time I gave birth to one of our kids – Italy has a special place in our hearts for many reasons.”

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