7 Justin Bieber Songs That Make Perfect Soundtrack for Different Moods

Love Yourself

The song revolves around prioritising one's own well-being over that of others and leaving harmful relationships behind.


Have you made a mistake and want to apologize? Play "Sorry." This song helps you express sincere regret. Plus, it's a lot of fun to dance to.


Are you feeling nostalgic? "Baby" will take you back to Justin's early days. It's fun, catchy, and perfect for reminiscing about simpler times.


Interested in experiencing playful and hot feelings? Then you better tune in to “Yummy”, as it is your perfect song — with its energetic beat and interesting phrases, it is an ideal mood setter for a party.


Looking for some inspiration? “Holy” is a heartfelt song that speaks about love and faith. It's perfect for when you need a positive boost.


Feeling great and want to keep the vibe going? “Intentions” is upbeat and positive, making it perfect for maintaining that good mood.


Are you missing someone special? "Ghost" beautifully portrays the feeling of longing for someone who is no longer with us. It is an emotional and relatable song.