Dua Lipa revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that she wrote 97 songs for her upcoming third studio album.

She used a physical notebook purchased from CVS to write down her song ideas, showing a preference for handwriting.

Lipa expressed surprise that such an important book came from a pharmacy but emphasized her love for CVS.

The notebook contains every song she's written for the album, making it a cherished relic for her.

Despite initial fears of it being stolen, she stuck to her preferred method of handwriting for the album.

Lipa admitted that not all 97 songs were up to par, with about 80 of them not meeting her standards initially.

She discussed her growth as a songwriter and performer, expressing more confidence in rewriting songs until they felt perfect.

Lipa announced the first single, "Houdini," in November and revealed the second single, "Training Season," set for release on Feb. 15 after performing it at the 2024 Grammy Awards.

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