Kate Middleton recently underwent planned abdominal surgery at The London Clinic.

Concha Calleja, a journalist on a Spanish news program, falsely claimed Kate was in a coma due to complications.

The journalist reported serious complications and claimed an induced coma was necessary.

A palace source vehemently denied the claims, calling them "total nonsense" and "fundamentally, totally made-up."

Kensington Palace had announced the successful surgery, which was noncancerous, and a two-week hospital stay for recovery.

Kate returned home to Windsor after 13 days at The London Clinic.

Kate's desire for privacy regarding her medical information was emphasized in the palace's statement.

King Charles underwent a medical procedure for an enlarged prostate around the same time.

Both Charles and Kate exhibited a more open and personal handling of their health matters.

Updates on Kate's progress will be provided by Kensington Palace when there is significant new information.

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