King Charles' Benign Prostate Enlargement: In mid-January 2024, Buckingham Palace disclosed that King Charles would undergo a medical procedure for benign prostate enlargement, a common condition.

Public Engagements Postponed: The King's public engagements were postponed temporarily to allow for a short period of recuperation following the prostate procedure.

Hospital Admission: On January 26, 2024, King Charles was admitted to the London Clinic for scheduled surgery, the same hospital where Kate Middleton was recovering from abdominal surgery.

Royal Visit: Queen Camilla visited King Charles in the hospital, providing updates to well-wishers about his well-being during her trips.

Post-Surgery Release: On January 29, three days after the surgery, King Charles was discharged from the hospital, accompanied by Queen Camilla.

Acknowledgment of Well-Wishes: Buckingham Palace expressed gratitude for the good wishes and positive impact on public health awareness resulting from King Charles sharing his diagnosis.

First Public Appearance: On February 4, 2024, King Charles and Queen Camilla were seen for the first time since the surgery, attending a church service near Sandringham.

Cancer Diagnosis Announcement: On February 5, 2024, Buckingham Palace announced that King Charles had been diagnosed with cancer following the procedure for benign prostate enlargement.

Treatment Commencement: The King began a schedule of regular treatments for cancer and was advised to postpone public-facing duties during this period.

State Business Continues: Despite the health challenge, King Charles continued to undertake state business and official paperwork during the treatment.

Swift Medical Intervention: The King expressed gratitude for the swift medical intervention made possible by his recent hospital procedure.

Positive Outlook: Despite the diagnosis, King Charles remained positive about his treatment and looked forward to returning to full public duty as soon as possible.

Personal Notifications: King Charles personally informed his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, about the diagnosis, with Prince William maintaining regular contact.

Sibling Notifications: The King also informed his siblings, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward, before the news was made public.

Sharing Diagnosis to Prevent Speculation: King Charles chose to share his diagnosis to prevent speculation and to assist public understanding, particularly for those around the world affected by cancer.

King Charles, 75, faces a cancer diagnosis after a hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement.