Laura Benanti, Tony-winning actress, expresses concerns about the negative effects of social media, calling it a "poison."

Benanti believes that social media has a detrimental impact on mental health, referencing the book "Digital Minimalism" by Cal Newport.

She argues that constant communication on social media is not normal for our brains and triggers a fight or flight response.

Benanti acknowledges her own hypocrisy, as she uses social media to promote her work while wanting to eliminate it.

The actress is particularly concerned about the impact on young people, especially young girls.

Benanti, along with her husband Patrick Brown, is actively seeking solutions to protect their daughter Ella Rose from the negative aspects of social media.

They propose a pact to fellow parents in their community to delay giving their kids phones or social media until they are at least 16.

Benanti emphasizes the need for collective commitment to prevent their children from feeling like outcasts for not having social media.

Several other celebrity parents, including Kelly Clarkson, Matthew McConaughey, and Jennifer Garner, have expressed concerns about social media's impact on their children.

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