Lenny Kravitz reflects on his 35-year music career in a People magazine cover story, marking the start of Black History Month.

The four-time Grammy winner discusses the longevity of his career, describing it as both seeming like lifetimes ago and just yesterday.

Kravitz's twelfth studio album is set to release on May 24, following the attention-grabbing music video for his latest single, "TK421."

In the '80s, Kravitz faced challenges in getting his rock music recognized by labels due to stereotypes about Black artists not fitting certain expectations.

Despite pressure to conform to commercial norms, he resisted making music that was perceived as either "Black enough" or "white enough."

Let Love Rule, his debut album, drew inspiration from diverse influences, including Duke Ellington, The Jackson 5, Led Zeppelin, and his then-partner Lisa Bonet.

Kravitz emphasizes that he refused to conform to industry expectations, creating music that reflected his personal experiences and diverse musical interests.

He highlights the importance of recognizing the diversity within the Black community, emphasizing that Black is not a monolithic identity.

Kravitz traces his love for bands like Led Zeppelin back to the power of Black music by artists like Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley, acknowledging their influence.

He notes the transformative impact of British musicians who electrified and intensified the origins of Black music.

Kravitz points out the significance of retaining cultural heritage and creations, urging people to remember and appreciate the contributions of Black musicians.

Despite the lack of recognition from some Black awards shows, Kravitz emphasizes that rock and roll is not a solely White art form.

The artist expresses gratitude for his current state, receiving awards such as the People's Music Icon Award and the Recording Academy's Global Impact Award.

Kravitz feels more inspired than ever, attributing his continued passion to his past, present, and future.

He views his journey as walking in the destiny that God created for him, embracing his identity as a bona fide rock star.

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