Catherine, Princess of Wales, has left the London Clinic private hospital after abdominal surgery.

Kensington Palace stated she's making good progress and has returned home to Windsor.

The nature of the surgery hasn't been disclosed, but the princess requires months of recuperation.

She spent 13 nights in the hospital and won't resume official duties until after Easter.

The Prince and Princess of Wales expressed gratitude to the medical team and for global well-wishes.

Catherine, 42, shared the same private hospital with King Charles, who had a procedure for an enlarged prostate.

The King's condition is non-cancerous, and he remains in hospital after treatment for a benign prostate problem.

Enlarged prostate is common in older men, with about one in three men over 50 experiencing symptoms.

Both Princess Catherine and King Charles thanked the London Clinic's medical team.

Princess Catherine is to continue her recovery at home, emphasizing the need for rest.

Princess Catherine's surgery has sparked interest in medical updates and public health awareness.