Princess Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, goes public with news that she has cancer and that she is undergoing chemotherapy after such was discovered following planned abdominal surgery.

Kate records a video message thanking people for the support during her recovery and addressing the hard times her family went through.

A statement from Kensington Palace announces that Kate plans to return to her official duties as soon as medically possible.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry post a tweet expressing their support to Kate during this tough battle.

Kate’s brother (James Middleton) posts an Instagram picture and message expressing his support and solidarity with his sister as she fights cancer.

Kate reveals that the news was shocking and that the terrible discovery has to be kept private for her family.

Although the Duchess has not been seen in public since December, Kate remains hard at work from home and has been fully informed on several of the royal family’s presence at charitable events.

Rumors surrounding Kate’s health and whereabouts have spread after she posted a digitally altered picture on Mother’s Day.

In a statement, Kate issued an apology for the confusion, but noted that she often enjoys editing.

Prince Harry's battle against tabloid intrusion intensifies as evidence emerges revealing hacking of Princess Diana's phones.