Rita Moreno recalls Joan Crawford's attempt to steal her Oscar spotlight at the 1962 Academy Awards.

Crawford, known for her Hollywood legend, grabbed Moreno and squashed her face against her bosom for a photo op.

Despite Moreno's insistence that she wasn't upset, Crawford wouldn't let her go, claiming Moreno was too upset.

Crawford's career peaked in the '40s but rebounded with an Oscar win for "Mildred Pierce" in 1946.

Crawford's attention-seeking behavior continued at the Oscars in 1963 when she offered to accept Anne Bancroft's award on her behalf.

Moreno's historic win as the first Latina to win an acting Oscar is highlighted, along with her brief acceptance speech.

Moreno expressed regret for not using her speech to advocate for representation but appreciates the opportunity to address it now.

Crawford's death in 1977 marked the end of her tumultuous Hollywood career.

Moreno initially stored her Oscar in a carton but later proudly displayed it, along with her other awards, after encouragement from her husband.

The story offers insights into the dynamics and legacies of Hollywood's golden era stars.

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