Whitney Port’s Son Sings ‘The Hills’ Theme Song at Kindergarten Graduation

Whitney Port’s son sings “The Hills” theme song at kindergarten graduation, surprising Port.

Whitney Port and Sonny Sanford Rosenman. (PHOTO: WHITNEYEVEPORT/INSTAGRAM)
Whitney Port and Sonny Sanford Rosenman. (PHOTO: WHITNEYEVEPORT/INSTAGRAM)

Former MTV star Whitney Port experienced a nostalgic moment at her son’s kindergarten graduation ceremony.

On Tuesday, June 4, Port shared a TikTok video capturing her son Sonny Sanford, 6, and his classmates singing Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten,” the iconic theme song of the reality show “The Hills,” during their graduation ceremony.

Port, who starred on “The Hills,” was taken aback by the unexpected song choice. In the video, she captioned, “The song choice at my son’s kindergarten graduation…” and accompanied it with a quizzical look.

The TV personality, 39, shares Sonny with her husband, Tim Rosenman. She further emphasized the surreal experience by captioning the video, “Full circle moment? #thehills.”

In the brief clip, the graduating kindergarten class sings the bridge of “Unwritten”: “Staring at the blank page before you/ Open up the dirty window/ Let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find.”


The song choice at my son’s kindergarten graduation…##thehills

♬ Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

This song, which gained widespread recognition as “The Hills” theme, brought back memories for many fans who followed the series during its original run on MTV.

Fans of “The Hills” were quick to share their excitement and thoughts in the comment section of Port’s video. One fan remarked, “That music teacher is a millennial for sure he knows.” Another added, “I love this?? But curious if someone caught wind whose mama was in the audience? LOL.” The comments reflected a shared sense of amusement and nostalgia among viewers.

Another fan speculated about the song choice being intentional due to Port’s presence, writing, “There’s no way that was a coincidence that’s so cool,” while another commenter stated, “Wait. They did that FOR you!!!! Come on now.” The sentiment was clear: many believed the song selection was a nod to Port’s history with the show.

“The Hills” first premiered on MTV in 2006 as a spinoff of “Laguna Beach,” focusing on Lauren Conrad’s life in Los Angeles.

Whitney Port at son's kindergarten graduation. (PHOTO: TIKTOK)
Whitney Port at son’s kindergarten graduation. (PHOTO: TIKTOK)

The show featured Port, Conrad, Heidi Montag, and Audrina Patridge as the main cast. The series followed their personal and professional lives, gaining a massive following.

“Unwritten,” released in November 2004 by Natasha Bedingfield, became synonymous with the show, playing during its opening credits.

Whitney Port joined the original cast, and her life on the show resonated with many viewers. She later moved on to a career in fashion and television.

After Conrad left the series during season five, Kristin Cavallari, another former “Laguna Beach” star, took over as the lead until the show concluded in 2010.

Almost a decade after the original series ended, MTV revived the show in 2019 as “The Hills: New Beginnings.” This sequel featured several returning stars like Brody Jenner and Justin “Bobby” Brescia, alongside new cast members including Mischa Barton and Brandon Thomas Lee.

While the revival aimed to capture the essence of the original series, it brought a fresh perspective to the stories of the returning and new cast members.

Whitney Port and Tim Rosenman with their son Sonny Sanford in Chicago. (PHOTO: WHITNEY PORT/INSTAGRAM)
Whitney Port and Tim Rosenman with their son Sonny Sanford in Chicago. (PHOTO: WHITNEY PORT/INSTAGRAM)

The revival allowed fans to reconnect with the characters they had followed for years and introduced the show to a new generation. Whitney Port’s return to the screen was welcomed by fans who had followed her journey from the early days of “The Hills.” 

Port’s experience at her son’s graduation, with the children singing “Unwritten,” serves as a reminder of the lasting impact of “The Hills” and its theme song on its viewers.

It also highlights the passage of time and the full-circle moments that life often presents. For Port, watching her son perform a song so closely tied to her past must have been a poignant and memorable moment.

The shared reaction among fans indicates the lasting legacy of “The Hills” and its cultural significance. The show not only entertained but also shaped the experiences and memories of a generation.

As Whitney Port continues to navigate her career and personal life, moments like her son’s graduation serve as touching reminders of her journey and the enduring connection she has with her fans.

In sharing this moment on social media, Port allowed fans to partake in her nostalgia and celebrate a milestone in her son’s life. It’s a testament to the way personal and public histories intertwine, creating shared memories and experiences.

For Whitney Port, her son’s kindergarten graduation was more than just a milestone; it was a beautiful, unexpected nod to her past and the legacy of “The Hills.”

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