Zac Efron Reminisces About High School Musical Filming, Reveals On-Set Basketball Mishaps

Efron shares funny stories of basketball mishaps during “High School Musical” filming

Zac Efron as Troy in High School Musical. (PHOTO: VIA PEOPLE, DISNEY CHANNEL/FRED HAYES)
Zac Efron as Troy in High School Musical. (PHOTO: VIA PEOPLE, DISNEY CHANNEL/FRED HAYES)

Zac Efron recently shared some amusing behind-the-scenes moments from the filming of the iconic “High School Musical,” revealing that several of his co-stars were accidentally hit in the face with basketballs during the memorable “Get’cha Head in the Game” sequence.

Despite these on-set mishaps, Efron praised the cast’s dedication and enthusiasm throughout the production.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, released on July 2, Efron reflected on the making of the beloved 2006 Disney Channel movie.

The actor, now 36, fondly recalled the cast being “incredibly motivated” while shooting the film, even though many were struck by wayward basketballs during the filming of the energetic basketball musical number.

“You can’t predict where a basketball is going,” Efron laughed, recounting the “hilarious” incidents. “But I’m still proud of all those guys for doing that because it was hard.”

“High School Musical,” set at East High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, follows the story of star basketball player Troy Bolton, played by Efron, and his evolving relationship with new student Gabriella, portrayed by Vanessa Hudgens.

The pair first meet and sing together at a New Year’s Eve party, setting the stage for their blossoming romance and Troy’s internal conflict between his love for basketball and newfound passion for singing.

In the “Get’cha Head in the Game” scene, Troy and his basketball team sing about staying focused on their game. However, Troy struggles with balancing his dedication to the team and his interest in joining the school musical.

“High School Musical was just a made-for-TV movie, and we had a very condensed shooting schedule,” Efron explained. “[Director] Kenny Ortega had pretty big ambitions for this movie, but I think he was pleasantly surprised when all the boys were excited to not only fulfill what he wanted but to take it one step further.”

Efron recalled that he and the other actors practiced their basketball skills together, ensuring that the scene looked as authentic as possible. “I really drilled all those shots,” he said proudly.

“I think we might’ve practiced for two days prior to doing all that in sync. We probably only had two to three hour rehearsals with basketballs. After five takes, we nailed it; we got it all in one [take].”


After filming the scene, Efron noted that it marked a pivotal moment for the cast. “That was the first time all of us went, ‘Is this gonna be cool?'” he said, calling it a “really special moment.”

In another recent interview with Still Watching Netflix, Efron shared more behind-the-scenes insights, this time about the “Bet on It” sequence from “High School Musical 2.” According to Efron, the sequence was largely improvised and was shot in just three hours.

“We just had no ideas for what to do on the day,” Efron explained. “The director [Ortega], he was like, ‘Dude, we have no concept for this song. What do you want to do?’ I was like, ‘I don’t know, we’re on a golf course.'”

Despite the spontaneous nature of the shoot, the “Bet on It” sequence became one of the most memorable moments of the sequel, showcasing Efron’s character Troy Bolton grappling with his future and his loyalties.

Efron’s reflections offer a glimpse into the hard work and camaraderie that went into making the “High School Musical” movies, which have since become a beloved part of many fans’ childhoods.

The films, known for their catchy songs and relatable themes, continue to be popular, with all three installments available for streaming on Disney+.

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